Monday, 14 May 2018

Dr. Kim Byung Gun from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, Speaker in IMCI 2018 in Shanghai, China!

Hello! This is BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!
At the end of April, Dr. Kim Byung Gun attended IMCI 2018 in Shanghai, China!
Let’s find out what the speech entailed!!

IMCI2018 was an International cosmetic surgery forum,

and was held for two days from April 27th to 28th, 2018 in Shanghai, China.
This forum had four different topics and Dr. Kim Byung Gun from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital led two separate speeches

Let’s take a look on each speech. ^^

The first speech started off with the topic of the present and future prospect of Korean Plastic Surgery Hospital and how Korean hospitals were run and managed.

Of course, the outstanding management system of Dr. Kim Byung Gun
which made BK Plastic Surgery Hospital mark 23 years of business was featured as well.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital started participating in medical tour in the 2000s, earlier than most other hospitals in the same field, and got the spotlight as the first professional plastic surgery clinic establishment of the Asian Plastic Surgery hospital to use all 15-story building. 

Not only that but BK Plastic Surgery Hospital have maintained to keep be the top in leading medical tour with opening BK Aesthetic Clinic as the first overseas branch in Novena Medical Center, the hub for Singapore medical industry.

However, no matter how outstanding the management system is, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital would not be here if it weren’t for the excellent medical technology!

The reason BK Plastic Surgery Hospital could develop to be called “The center of Korea’s Plastic Surgery”, was the top-notch medical techniques of Dr. Kim Byung Gun!!!

IMCI Forum was held for two days in a row, from April 27th to 28th.
On the 28th, Dr. Kim led a speech on the topic of 
popular blepharoplasty types among Asian.

Dr. Kim from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital remains a legend 
as plastic surgeon of blepharoplasty.
He made a speech on various types of double eyelid surgery, 
Inner corner fold removal, Outer corner extension, revisional blepharoplasty, 
fat relocation on lower eyelids and so on.

Dr. Kim from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is super busy with taking business trips to Shanghai, flying to Korea for regular Saturday work in the hospital, and staying in Singapore BK clinic for regular weekdays work. But that doesn’t stop him from attending forums, engage in numerous research, and contributing to the development of BK.
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital will keep on striving to do the best
as the leader of the Korean Plastic Surgery!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Rejuran Healer with Strikingly Visible Effect

Rejuran Healer with Strikingly Visible Effect

Nowadays, our skin is becoming thinner and more sensitive
due to frequent daily temperature range despite the warm weather.
Not only that but as the skin is getting rough and somber,
our worries are getting deeper.

This is the time where Rejuran Healer that heals damaged and tired skin must step in.

Rejuran Healer is a rejuvenating and healing injection
that restores the skin condition into healthy and younger state
by increasing the thickness and elasticity of corium and epidermis of thin and loose skin,
using biological molecules called polynucleotides (PN).

As the skin ages, the skin’s ability to create and maintain moist drops,
and this causes abnormality like wrinkles, elasticity loss, liver spot
Rejuran Healer is effective in restoring the skin structure and
natural regenerative ability.

It improves damaged skin, shows lifting effect by increasing the elasticity,
and boosts skin rejuvenation!
Rejuran Healer that helps the skin to maintain healthy and beautiful!
You should probably look into it, don’t you think?

Rejuran Healer solves skin problems for various age group,
starting from people in their 30s and 40s who starts to consider anti-aging
to people in 50s and 60s who have already entered aging process.
This is a perfect present for parents to express your gratitude and love!

See for yourself how BK’s own, outstanding Rejuran Healer
restores your youth in skin!  

Monday, 30 April 2018

[Psychiatric News] Escape from dark circles inconcealable with make-up through simple surgery

With no doubt, Blepharoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery among Asian people. What many people don't know is that there are so much more than double eyelid surgery in the field of bleparoplasty. Dark circles, ususally known as 'bags under eyes' that makes the person look tired and old, can be corrected by several different methods of surgery and bring out younger and cheerful look.

Dr. Do Eon Rok from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital takes a detailed approach to explain different methods of dark circle corrections for each different factors for the symptom in the article of Psychiatric News.

--------------- (Article) --------------------
Escape from dark circles inconcealable with make-up through simple surgery 

Office worker ‘A’(female, 30 yrs) takes her time putting on eye make-up whenever she has to go out on dates or social gatherings, trying to hide the bags under her eyes but with little success. She prefers places with dark lightings since she has been getting comments that she looks worn out.

The term, dark circles generally refer to dark blemishes or shades drawn on the skin under both eyes. There are many factors that cause dark circles. Sunken lower eyelids, bulging fat under lower eyelids, caved in space beneath the fat on lower eyelids, and pigmentation that makes the lower eyelids look darker despite the flat and smooth surface of skin are to name a few. The surgery method is decided depending on the cause of the symptom. Symptom of dark circles from freckles and blemishes can be improved by cosmetics and skin-care products, but if the symptom is due to bulging fat on lower eyelids, it is hard to solve the problem no matter how hard you try to conceal it with make-up.

Dark circles due to bulging fat and caved-in area on lower eyelids can be treated with ‘fat relocation of lower eyelids’. By relocating the part of excessively protruding under-eye fat to the sunken area on lower eyelids, the volume of protrusion is decreased and the sunken area is filled to flatten out the surface of skin below the eyes. This is a surgery method with no sign of visible scars on skin due to minimal laser incision on conjunctiva and it has no emotional pressure for people busy with everyday lives because the recovery is quick. This surgery also allows you to look younger with additional effect of letting the love band (skin just under the eye area that puffs up when you smile) show which was originally hidden under bulging lower eyelid fat.

In case dark circles are due to deep caved in space or fine wrinkles on lower eyelids rather than the extra amount of fat, a simple ‘autologous fat graft’ on the area can correct the symptom. This is a simple surgery with the method of harvesting extra abdominal fat and filling up the concave area under the eyes by injecting it directly. The procedure guarantees not only the surgery to be quick but the recovery to be fast since it requires no skin incision. Also, engrafted autologous fat can have permanent effect unlike other filler treatments.

As for middle-aged and older people whose wrinkles are deep and skins are saggy due to aging, ‘fat relocation of lower eyelids’ may not be enough to get satisfying result. The appropriate surgery method for this case is Lower Blepharoplasty operation. Lower Blepharoplasty is performed by eliminating the loose skin and muscle under the eyes and relocating fat. It doesn’t stop with resecting the loose skin but relocates the remaining fat evenly after some fat removal and pull up the outer muscle so that it improves wrinkles on lower eyelids and dark circles at the same time.

Dr. Do Eon Rok from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital added, “Surgery for dark circle correction requires variety of details to be considered and examined accurately, such as individual’s different condition of fat on lower eyelids, whether lacrimal groove exist or not, and the level of skin elasticity. Also, since the skin just under the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive area, it is advisable to decide after thorough consultation with medical professionals who have abundant experience and professionalism.”

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

[Chosun Biz] ‘Rejuran Healer’ that Revitalizes Dull and Dark Skin

Dr. Kum Inseop from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital introduces Rejuran Healer® product by explaining the skin improvement effects and target patients  for the treatment in the article on Chosun Biz.

--------------- (Article) ---------------------

[Medical knowledge] ‘Rejuran Healer’ that revitalizes dull and dark skin

Those who feel their skin getting thinner and sensitive due to sand dust, fine dust and frequent diurnal range as the spring season approaches will begin to worry about their rough skin texture with fine wrinkles, dull skin tone, and other skin troubles. Treatments that induce rejuvenation by causing direct damage on the skin surface to solve skin problems must be carefully used since they can affect the basic dermal ability to recover and break the balance of the skin.

Rejuran Healer® that has been becoming the spotlight among people interested in skin rejuvenation helps skin cell revival and activation of collagen composition with stimulating secretion of numerous growth factors in skin by injecting biomaterial called ‘PN(Polynucleotide)’ that acts as a support factor in skin. By this process, the effects such as improved elasticity, wrinkle reduction, smoother complexion and brighter tone can be seen and this treatment is known as a representative treatment that improves aged and damaged skin fundamentally.

Director of the BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, Dr. Kum InSeop said, “Rejuran Healer® treatment that restores vitality in fatigued skin is recommended as a representative treatment that fundamentally makes the skin healthy”. He stated, “Since Rejuran Healer® treatment improves skin troubles starting from people in their 30s and 40s who regularly consider having anti-aging treatments to people in their 50s and 60s whose aging has been shown in some level, it is just the right thing to recommend as gifts for parents as we greet the month of family.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is known as the representative hospital using standard amount of genuine Rejuran Healer® product, and Dr. Kum says that choosing proper solution for skin recovery in a healthier way through thorough consultation with the experts before having a treatment is advisable.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

[US Circa News] US Circa News interview filming of Dr. Do Eon Rok in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

US Circa News interview filming of Dr. Do Eon Rok in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

When it comes to Korean Plastic Surgery Hospital, there is no place like global BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!
Last March, Circa News from USA came for the interview.
Let’s find out what it was all about!

Circa news is a broadcast station in Washington, USA, with millions of readers internationally with partner agreements with Sinclair broadcasters, which have over 100 channels worldwide as well as in the United States.

A reporter from this well-known broadcast station visited Korea to film BK Plastic Surgery^^

They interviewed patients who visited BK plastic surgery. The first interview is with a pretty girl from Hong Kong ^^

She already had a charming face but she wanted to groom herself more with the wedding planned ahead which is why she visited our hospital. ^ ^ Thank you very much for your kindness from the consultation process to the interview!

The next interview patient is a Korean woman.

Next patient interviewed was a Korean lady who already had surgery and received several treatments in BK Hospital and became a regular visitor out of satisfaction.
In the interview, she stated that her recent nose filler treatment showed great result with no obvious sign of getting the injection so she has been recommending it to her friends.

Plastic Surgery! The old days of “plastic surgery is for women” has passed!

Men's cosmetic surgery is in!
A male client visited to consult about Rhinoplasty.
Thank you very much for coming in to consult and ask about how you could improve your nose, 
what your expectation should be, what you can do after the surgery and more. 
We will take good care of you on the day of your surgery and see you soon with 
your new handsome face!

After interviewing three patients, the filming of the actual surgery began.

BK Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Do Eon Rok’s performance scene of Blepharoplasty was captured on film.
The filming was done to find out the ambience of the surgery room, the surgery method and what goes on in the surgery room but with extra caution so to avoid any disturbance.

Next, there was an interview with BK Plastic Surgeon Do Eon Rok.

The journalist asked him about the psychology behind patients who come to Korea for medical tourism, 
the popular surgeries, and why he became a specialist in plastic surgery.
They also asked how he feels about treating patients visiting BK plastic surgeons for plastic surgery. 
They had a pleasant interview with Dr. Do who not only wants to help bring out the beauty on the outside 
but on the inside.
Since Dr. Do speaks English, he communicated directly with the program director without the assistance of a translator, proving that BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is indeed global^^.

After filming of the USA Circa, we took a picture as a commemoration. We express much gratitude to Dr. Do Eon Rok who spared his time for the surgery filming and the interview! Thank you to the Marketing Team for preparing and making this special occasion happen! The schedule to air is around April or May and you can view the updates on BK Plastic Surgery Hospital Homepage afterwards!

Plastic surgery hospital in Gangnam, Global BK Plastic Surgery will continue to provide services that will satisfy our patients through a safe and systematic surgical system!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

[NBN News Agency] Facial Bone Contouring Surgery, Better Prioritize Safety and Fast Recovery over Excessive Procedure

'Safety is the Key in Facial Bone Contouring Surgery'

As great as the effect of Facial Bone Contouring Surgery has on achieving aesthetic beauty, the first and foremost thing the patient must consider is safety and recovery.

Sometimes, patients only focus on the effect and develop misconception that the amount of bone resected is the most most important factor for the satisfying result.

Dr. Kang Sang Gu, from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, shares his knowledge on the method of Facial Bone Contouring Surgery and gives professional medical advise to those who are considering the procedure in the article on 'NBN News Agency'.

Monday, 2 April 2018

[UK BBC Documentary] BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, aired on UK BBC Documentary!

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, aired on UK BBC Documentary!

Do you remember the UK BBC documentary filming in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital last September?
At last, the long-awaited documentary got aired on TV.
Lets check out what the BBC documentary show featured on!

Annie who was caught in a caravan fire at the age of 2 and suffered severe burn on her face, have undergone reconstructive surgery many times.
Considering rhinoplasty to gain more confidence in her appearance with child birth ahead, she decided to explore the surgery options and research South Koreas Plastic Surgery by taking a trip to Korea and visiting the BK Plastic Surgery Hospital well-known for its high technology.

It goes without saying that no other plastic surgery techniques can compare with those of Korea.

Annie took some time to learn how majority of locals and foreigners in Korea think about plastic surgery by having interviews on the street and in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

Annie looks into the full process from the first visit of the hospital for consultation to the actual surgery by accompanying Myung who came all the way from China to get double eyelid surgery!
We warned the surgery viewing might be too graphic for someone pregnant, but Annie was keen on observing the surgery despite our concern!

BK Plastic Surgery Museum Korea in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is the only museum on plastic surgery in Korea!
Lots of overseas patients enjoy the museum tour where they can actually touch and feel the implants and learn about the history of plastic surgery and Annie was no exception!
Annie was especially interested in finding out the history of rhinoplasty, the surgery she was most interested in!

 Viv flew all the way from Singapore to Korea to get square-jaw surgery and fat grafting!
She is originally a patient from BK Aesthetic Clinic, an overseas branch of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital. Since Surgery does not take place in Singapore BK clinic, she came to Koreas BK hospital! 
Like Myung, Annie was beside her all the way through consultation and the surgery, sympathizing with her reason to go through the procedure.
After all, Viv is also planning for a wedding ahead just like Annie!

Annie continues to explore the journey of plastic surgery in the surgery of BK Hospital!
Vivs surgery scene was too graphic so Annie kept some distance observing, but she tries to understand the patients by looking into the surgery methods and understand how the patient decides to get the surgery.

The director and the head doctor of the BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, Dr. Kim Byung Gun, is can communicate fluently in English and Chinese without any translations, so Annie was able to enjoy a casual conversation in the middle of the surgery! 

Annie is having the consultation with D. Kim Byung Gun on the nose surgery she has been considering even before arrivaing here!
Durng the consultation for her rhinoplasty, she tears up with happiness when she gets offered the suggestion of fat grafting on her finger to improve the function of her hand
Annie talks with Myung for the last time before she returns to China, her home, after getting the double eyelid surgery, checks her recovery and make the final decision.   
Wrapping up the expedition of Korean Plastic Surgery, Annie decides to focus more on preparing for her childbirth and return back to England, stating her will to get the surgery next year.