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[BK Plastic Surgery] Big Beautiful Eyes with A Scalpel - Tages-Anzeiger (Swiss Newspaper)

BK Plastic Surgery was on this biggest and the most popular Swiss Newspaper on October 27th !!! Please read below translated article. Since BK is the main representative plastic surgery hospital in Korea, this influential newspaper company selected BK as a main hospital for this cosmetic surgery issue :) 


Tages-Anzeiger (Swiss Newspaper)

27. October 2015 14:54 Tuesday

Big, Beautiful Eyes - with a scalpel

(Tages-Anzeiger, also abbreviated Tagi or TA, is a Swiss German-language national daily newspaper published in Zurich, Switzerland. )

Many Koreans want to look like a movie star: actress Jeon Do-yeon at Busan International Film Festival in Seoul. Photo: Ahn Young-Joon (Keystone)

So-Yeong got a promise from her father for her plastic surgery. So-Yeong’s father says “If you do double eyelid surgery, you may look prettier with bigger eyes.” In South Korea, this is a typical gift for graduation.
South Korea is now the Mecca of plastic surgery. A quarter of all interventions worldwide are carried out here. In Seoul (capital of Korea) alone, there are more than 500 clinics. With 650,000 annual operations, about half of them are Korean patients and the other half of them are usually female tourists. The industry continues to reach 4.5 billion francs. It is a trend that is supported by the government in Seoul to such happening. From next year, President Park Geun-hye has announced that the VAT on plastic surgery for foreigners is to be abolished.
In Seoul, there are Nonhyeon-dong Furniture Street, Cheongdam-dong luxury district and many beauty clinics. Such beauty clinics concentrated in this Gangnam district have a luxurious external look. Corridors are made of glass and imitation marbles. Many look like the receptions of luxury hotels or private banks.
Above many beauty clinics, we visited BK Plastic Surgery Hospital - BK stands for Beauty of Korea - which is housed in a sleek blue glass skyscraper. Many women enter this BK building very often. Inside of this BK building, you may see a human-size-standing banner with a photo of beautiful lady. There is also an exhibit of the Museum of Plastic Surgery. The exhibition draws a line from the Bolognese physician Gasparo Tagliacozzi, the founder of plastic surgery, to what is happening today in Seoul. There are detailed information about history of plastic surgery from the 16th to the 21st century.

***************Who is Dr. Ralph Millard ??? **********************************

This is a photo of Dr. Ralph Millard (left) with cleft patient in Korea (middle) and unidentified USMC assistant (right). Photo credit, Saving Faces: A Plastic Surgeon's Remarkable Story. 

History of Korean plastic surgery has begun since Korean War especially when a US plastic surgeon came to Korea.  The head of the US Marine surgery, Ralph Millard, operated mutilated war victims to restore their bodies, and one day he operated a double eyelid surgery for a Korean woman, and this issue marked the beginning of eyelid surgery.
As more and more Asians preferred to have bigger eyes, Korean double eyelid surgery became very popular. "It was harmless than visiting a dental clinic" said Hyun-hee, a female Korean student. "In half an hour it was all over.”  In some graduating classes, there can be found about 80 percent of girls have done plastic surgeries in Korea. Double eyelid surgery became a “Trend” not only in Seoul but also in country side and even North Korea.
Besides double eyelid surgery, there are V-line surgery, nose surgery to make a nose bridge higher, forehead surgery to make a forehead more round, liposuction, and breast surgery. Elderly people usually do Botox for an anti-aging procedure. Female patients are in a larger ratio than male patients; however, approximately 15 percent of customers are men.
In East Asia, the external has been a higher priority than in the West. For job applications, the Koreans selected based on the photos while Americans selected based on the written contents. It would therefore be true that cosmetic surgery improves job opportunities in Korea, and the marriage prospects probably.
The activities of this plastic surgery industry now reach far beyond its borders. The cosmetics industry advertises in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore with vacation packages to Seoul, including surgery. This also benefits the tourism industry. 

 (Article is written by Christoph Neidhart in Seoul)
(Translated, edited by BK Plastic Surgery)

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

[BK Plastic Surgery] Ideal Nose Augmentation

As nose is the center of the face, it is an important facial part. Especially, well balanced and symmetrical nose gives attractive apperance in both men and women.
Nose augmentation can create defined and sophisticated appearance which may otherwise seem unattractive because of low nose bridge.
How does BK make Ideal Nose?
There are a couple of factors BK considers to make an ideal nose. 
1. Ideal height of nose
Angle between nose bridge and forehead: 115-135 degrees
Angle between columella and philtrum angle: 95-105 degrees
2. Ideal shape of nose
Straight nose with slight curvy tip
3. Length of nose
1/3 of the face length

In addition, there are 2 different incision method which the surgeon decides which method is suitable for indivisuals. 
 1. Open Incision Method


1. This method is used to get an open view of the interior nose structures when the framework of the nose needs an adjustment in its height, width, or length.
2. After an incision is made across the nostrils and columella, the skin is raised to expose the cartilage and bone structures within.
Scars are only visible from a closer view and they disappear in 2-3 months.
2. Closed Incision Method

1. This method is used to slightly raise nose tip or bridge.

2. Procedure is performed through small incision made inside the nostrils.

3. It has an advantage of concealing scars, but can only be used for relatively simple procedures due to the difficulty of gaining access to the interior view.



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Thursday, 7 May 2015

[BK Plastic Surgery] Liposuction to acheive desirable body shape!

Summer is just around the corner!
Worried of wearing shorts or sleeveless t-shirts? 
Wish to know the secret of keeping your body fit without Yo-Yo phenomenon?
You must be interested in liposuction procedure of BK Medical Group.

Why is BK's Liposuction famous?
There are a lot of ways to lose weaight such as diet and excersice. However, they take long time to lose weight or to be effective. In addition, some people easily experience Yo-Yo phenomenon. That is why many people choose liposuction to acheive slimming effect in short amount of time. Liposuction removes accumulated layers of excess fat with sound pressure or ultrasound to refine your body shape.
Various types of liposuction

Liposuction on face can be effective if the face holds excessive fat for its bone structure. Fat removal can define facial lines along the lower jaw and neck, and provide an effect of lifting sagging chin skin as well.

º Smaller Appearance
º Beautiful and defined jaw-line
º Youthful Apperance 

Thick arms make the whold body look chubby, wherease slim and firm arms make it more attractive. Arm is the area that greatly benefits from liposuction. Liposuction on arms aims for 70 % fat reduction without sagginess.
º No excersice or Diet needed
º Slim and firm arms
º Arms with no excess fat



The back consists of hard and dense fat cells with abundant fibers. Thus once accumulated, fat on the back cannot be lost easily. Liposuction on axilla area, on the other hand, aims to make smooth skin surface by removing fat and cellulite, with consideration of possible accessory breasts as well.
º No exercise or diet needed
º Gorgeous backside
º No irregular apperance of back



Abdomen area can easilly again weight, but difficult to lose it for foth men and women. Liposuction on abdomen area needs to be evenly performed leaving small amount of subcutaneous fat to creat a smooth abdomen surface. This procedure usually makes a distinct visual difference, wish satisfies most patients. 
º Slim abdomen
º Dramatic silhouette
º No exercise or diet needed
Thigh/hip that are relatively larger compared to the upper torsom, are not always aethetically pleasing. Exercise and diet, in this case, often affect other parts of body except thigh and hip. It is important to maintain a proportional balance by removing fat all around the thigh from the upper hip down to the knee. Removal of cellulite keeps the skin surface smooth and removing fat from hips results in a longer and straighter looking lower body.
º Legs that every girl's dreams
º Confident silhouette
º Slim thighs and voluminous hips  

Slim calves and thin ankles are requisites for the ideal body shape. Before the surgery, it is important to find out whether calves are fatty or muscular. Liposuction is applied in case of fatty calves or the mixture of fat and muscles. Muscular types require calf reduction or neurectomy.
 * Effects*
º Slim calves for everyone
º Completion of the perfect body shape
º No exercise or diet needed

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

[BK Plastic Surgery] Double eyelid surgery with Ptosis correction

Do you look sleepy or tired with single eyelid?

Or do you look still sleepy or tired even though you have double eyelid?

If you do, Check out BK's Ptosis Correction!

There are some people who look sleepy or tired. Their eyelids often cover the pupils. They also raise their eyebrows to open their eyes. This condition is caused by ptosis, also known as weakness of levator muscle. Therefore, those who have these symptoms, ptosis correction, levator muscle weakness correction, is necessary to shorten the levator muscle with an incision along the inner surface of eyelid or eyelid creases.

Who needs ptosis correction?

If you have one of the symptoms below, you would be a candidate for ptosis correction.

1. Sleepy eyes

2. Desire to have bigger eyes

3. Severely asymmetrical eyes

4. No significant change or dissatisfactory appearance after double eyelid surgery

Why double eyelid surgery is performed with ptosis correction?

Do you see the differences?

If someone who has ptosis symptoms undergoes double eyelid surgery itself, the eyes would not look big or defined enough. In addition, the eyes will still look sleepy or tired, and will use the muscles on forehead to open their eyes. 

Therefore, ptosis correction is recommended to undergo with double eyelid surgery.

How does surgery work?

1. Incision is made along double eyelid line designed in advance before surgery.

2. Suture along the crease after tying or removing the levator muscle.

Significance of Ptosis Correction

Operation Information

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